The DOs And DONTs Of Landscaping

There are two kinds of yards. One kind are gardens that have exquisite landscaping that make you, your family and visitors feel peaceful and relaxed, and they can pass the time just by enjoying the magnificent scenery. Then theres the other kind of yard which is dull, dirty, chaotic and colourless with absolutely no sign of life and happiness. Im sure you would want the first kind because landscaping is a way of life and is a wonderful way to react and connect with the earth.
Here are some DOs and DONTs of landscaping, and if you will follow them, your garden will be as good as the description above tells.

1. DO remember that you will never feel like you are done with your landscape, so just relax and enjoy the whole process. Do as much as you can; you dont need to rush things.

2. DONT eliminate the lawn. Taking away the lawn and replacing it with bricks or a large patio may be much easier to maintain however, it will be a lot less pleasing to the senses of sight and touch. Grass may be hard to grow, but once its there, it shouldnt be as hard to maintain it, as it was to grow it.

3. DO develop a focal point. A focal point, in the landscape dictionary, means an element in a yard that catches the attention of ones eye. A few examples would be a fountain, waterfall, or a small pond.

4. DONT spend all your money on luxury items. First of all, what kind of message do you want to deliver to visitors and casual bystanders? That you are the richest person in the world or that you have a beautiful front yard and know how to create and maintain one? Be sure that whatever you put in your yard, it is going to be of good use. Spend the money where it counts and do not get carried away.

5. DO use nightscape lighting. There is nothing more beautiful (when it comes to scenery) than having a stunning display of lights at night because this is your chance to enhance on that focal point discussed in step 4. Not only does lighting provide a perfect look, it also provides you with a sense of safety, security and a higher electric bill so be wise in the kinds of light bulbs that you buy make sure they arent too high in energy. A few good ideas for lighting would be fountains, flowerbeds and lighted paths.

6. DONT hesitate to hire landscapers! You will actually be amazed by what these people can do and how they work their magic. Once theyre done with your yard, it will look like it leaped right out of a landscape design book. A tip with landscapers, though, is that you should know how to choose the right one.

7. DO realize that you will always build on your landscape every year, so if you dont know what to do at first, you can start by doing something basic and simple, but long lasting, like planting trees, plants or flowers. You can even put a patio, but only one thats small in size, so that you wont be covering majority of the grass. You can always ask your landscapers for some advice or ideas.

8. DONT forget that you are lucky to have the opportunity to live in a residence with a yard that can be transformed into something magical. If you continue to care for and appreciate it, its fairy-tale-like beauty will definitely shine through.

Choosing The Right Flooring – The Cleaning Angle

Floors, we take them for granted. Yet foundations we lay down at the beginning of our sojourn through home decor determine the quality of our housework ever after. Choosing the right flooring is the key for years upon years of effective cleaning that won’t take up too much of your time. Don’t become a slave to your floor or you end up letting it walk all over you.

First of all, there is the choice of materials. Floors can be made of stone, wood, ceramics, marble, linoleum or a myriad of other materials. When shopping for your material, consult with the sales people and read the manufacturer’s official documentation. It should give you a good indication of the kind of cleaning your floor will end up requiring.

If you go for a tile floor, you can choose from a large variety of tile materials and sizes. Again, check for cleaning instructions for each material. Another tip: choose large tiles so there will be fewer cracks between them for dirt to get lodged in, and make sure the cracks are sealed well.

If you go for a wood floor, make sure it’s well sanded and the nails are pounded all the way down into the wood so that you don’t feel them, and so that splinters and nail heads don’t trap fiber and dirt. Use the least toxic sealant that will still make it water resistant and easy to wash.

If you go for linoleum, you’re just asking for it. Linoleum tends to become pitted and grooved, trapping dirt and becoming ever more annoying to clean. You should take care to use the proper cleaning solutions or you may end up harming your linoleum flooring.

Carpets? Well, they feel wonderful, but can harbor all kinds of filth. If you are living with pets that go outdoors, keep in mind that carpets can become flea magnets and thus a source of infestation. With or without pets, be prepared to keep track after stains and work on spillage while it’s still fresh. The thickness of carpeting and the overall surface covered are key elements in determining how much cleaning time this type of flooring may require.

So, what should you choose? Well, a lot depends on your personal circumstances and budget, but a common choice and a good bet when it comes to cleaning, are area rugs over tile or wood. Vacuum the rugs and clean the underlying surface regularly. When in need for a more thorough cleaning, the rugs can be pulled out for a good beating and wash or even taken to a professional carpet cleaner.

What To Consider When Purchasing Ergonomic Office Furniture

When it comes to buying office furniture, there are infinite options however, you arent always working with an infinite budget. Refurnishing your office space can become rather costly, depending on who you get your product from, and not only that, theres no guarantee that what you purchase will be ideal for the various employee body types over a long period of time. Although that chair may look great and seem comfortable when you sit down on it at the store, the truth of the matter is: workers are going to be spending an awful long time at that desk, sitting in that chair and if they arent completely comfortable, theyre going to go home with random aches, pains, and potentially develop long-term health complications.

Ergonomic office furniture is designed to ensure that your body stays comfortable and in a healthier, more optimal position something that will benefit your work and your health in the long run. However, purchasing ergonomic office furniture is not going to be the fastest approach, although it will provide future benefits! When selecting ergonomic office furniture, you need to match the worker with their ideal furniture that suits the environment they work in, as well as the tasks which they are doing.

Different office tasks require different furniture thats the basic concept. Beyond that, ergonomic office furniture needs to take into consideration the work being done, in order to help each worker carry out their tasks more easily and efficiently. For example, a worker who does a lot of typing on a daily basis is going to need more back support than an employee who does more social networking or who spends little time at their desk. Another employee who spends a fair amount of time using a mouse or input devices is going to need better wrist support than someone who spends the majority of the time on a keyboard or using the telephone.

When choosing the furniture, consider these things: how much space is available in the office or work area? How is the current furniture laid out, and can ergonomic pieces be accommodated? Where is the best lighting? Where does the equipment such as computers, external hard drives, tablets, printers rest in the office and is it taking up space? Does the furniture prevent or encourage interaction with co-workers?

With these things in mind, and keeping in mind that the needs of workers will vary according to their size, height, gender, and preferred hand (right or left), it is worthwhile to select office furniture that can be adjusted if needed. Many ergonomic chairs have adjustable arm rests and chair heights, accommodating almost any height of the users. There are also ergonomic adjustable desks available, where the height of the desk can be shifted as well as the footrest area. Personal preference will certainly need to be addressed for the smaller office furniture details, such as mouse & mousepad, keyboard, lamps, and so forth.

Ergonomic furniture is designed with employee health in mind, and although it may be a somewhat more complicated process than simply buying regular office furniture, the long-term health benefits of employee comfort are certainly well worth the effort.